Monday, November 10, 2008

Gather your clear bulbs and create with me!

Gather your clear bulbs and settle in. I have lots of fun, easy, and inexpensive ideas to make some neat keepsake ornaments. I will be posting different ideas to decorate them over the next several days. (some of the ideas I have found other places...todays is one I saw at 2 peas awhile back, but I don't remember who the creator was...sorry.)

I will be starting with transparencies. I am going to apologize now for the poor pictures...these aren't the easiest to photograph. The weather was yucky this weekend so I couldn't get very good outside light I had to use the flash inside..but you get the idea at least.
For these you will need:

transparencyclear bulbglitter, beads, or gemsribbon treatment
I took the picture I used for our Christmas cards and made a copy of it on a copier. (so it was in black and white) Then I ran a transparency through to transfer the picture on.

I then used my coluzzle circle cutter to cut the picture in a circle. I added some beads to the bottom of the clear bulb. (You could also use glitter or gems) This will help keep the transparency in place.

Gently roll the circle photo up and slip it through the bulb will spring into place. It is important to use a transparency because the paper will not spring back into place it will remain bent and curved from the rolling.

Add the ribbon treatment to the top of the bulb...and voila...a great keepsake ornament to remember the year by.

I gave this to my husband from the girls.

I also made this one of our Saint Bernard that we lost last October as a keepsake. Here are my samples: (sorry for the photos)

This is so simple and inexpensive!


Pearl said...

these ornaments are just brill ! never seen anything like this before ! lol

& that Tada contest sounds fun !

Amy Teets said...

Super cute idea!

Gini said...

fun!! felix's class made these last year at school with a color photo of each kid and they were adorable!!

Lesley said...

I came accross your blog when I was looking for Transparency ornaments.. I love what you came up with.

Thanks for posting it!

Take Care!