Wednesday, November 12, 2008

More bulbs...

Today I am going to show a bulb I made using rub-ons.

This is another quick and easy gift.

I like to make special ornaments for my girls each year. I try to pick a theme of something they are into at the time.

Sydnee is into princesses and particularly tinkerbell. I made 2 bulbs for her.

For the first bulb I just put some beads, buttons, and gems in the bottom of the bulb.
Then I used rub ons around the outside and finished it off with a ribbon:

For the second one, I filled it much the same way. I used rub ons for her nickname and then I added a crown gem sticker on the opposite side. It isn't the best picture, but I tried to take it so you could see both sides. In the ribbon trim, I added a crown and heart ghost shape that I put a little gem on. I mixed ribbons with soft fibers for the ribbon treatment at the top of this ornament.


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Gini said...

these are so fun!!! i'm loving your ideas and can't wait to try these with my kiddos this year!